Huns / Steppe Tribes

Huns / Steppe Tribes
  • Official Rules & Battleboard available exclusively in Wargames Illustrated 331.
  • Faction uses the lovely brown dice also used by Scots & Irish warbands.
  • Hearthguards come brandishing spears or swords but are also armed with bows.
  • Warriors are shooting or loading bows. Models illustrated are for illustration (!) only - actual models supplied may vary (except Warlords.)

28mm metal figures

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SAGA Starter 4 Point Warband - Steppe Tribes

SAGA Starter 4 Point Warband - Steppe Tribes.Contains Mounted Warlord, 4 Mounted Hearthguards, 4 Mou..

£72.00 Ex Tax: £72.00

Attila the Hun

It's Attila! He's a Hun.Supplied with plastic base from Renedra.Supplied unpainted and unassembled...

£8.50 Ex Tax: £8.50

SST01a Mounted Steppe Tribe Warlord A

This is the Warlord in the Starter Army.Supplied with plastic base & sword.Cast on shield...

£4.25 Ex Tax: £4.25

SST01b Mounted Steppe Tribe Warlord B

Comes with plastic base & separate sword. Cast on shield...

£4.25 Ex Tax: £4.25

SST02 Steppe Tribes Hearthguards

4 hearthguards with appropriate weapons. Comes with plastic base for each figure...

£14.00 Ex Tax: £14.00

SST03 Steppe Tribe Warriors

8 warriors mounted on steppe ponies. Suoplied with appropriate separate weapons and a plastic base f..

£28.00 Ex Tax: £28.00

SST04 Steppe Tribes Levy Archers

12 levy with appropriate weapons and a plastic base for each model...

£21.00 Ex Tax: £21.00