Stalingrad Scenery

Stalingrad Scenery

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BB234 Brick Factory

BB234 Brick FactoryThis pre-painted Brick Factory includes two stories and a roof..

£36.00 £32.40 Ex Tax: £32.40

BB234A Brick Factory First Floor

BB234A Brick Factory First FloorExpand you pre-painted Brick Factory with an additional storey...

£16.00 £14.40 Ex Tax: £14.40

BB235 Destroyed Factories

BB235 Destroyed FactoriesThese pre-painted Destroyed Factories will make any table look like a battl..

£36.00 £32.40 Ex Tax: £32.40

BB235A Destroyed Factory Ground Floor

BB235A Destroyed Factory Ground FloorExpand you pre-painted Destroyed Factories with an additional g..

£16.00 £14.40 Ex Tax: £14.40

BB236 Chimneys

BB236 ChimneysThese pre-painted Chimneys will make your Factories look that much more impressive..

£20.00 £18.00 Ex Tax: £18.00

BB237 Stalingrad Building Base

BB237 Stalingrad Building BaseAdd a Building Base to your Stalingrad plastic buildings to complete t..

£16.00 £14.40 Ex Tax: £14.40

BB238 Stalingrad Rubble Piles (x2)

BB238 Stalingrad Rubble Piles (x2)These pre-painted Stalingrad Rubble Piles give you troops somethin..

£18.00 £16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20

BB300 Stalingrad Destroyed Building (Plastic)

BB300 Stalingrad Destroyed Building (Plastic)Create ruined Stalingrad Buildings to fight over with t..

£48.00 £43.20 Ex Tax: £43.20

BB301 Stalingrad Building Extension (Plastic)

BB301 Stalingrad Building Extension (Plastic)The Stalingrad Building Extension will help turn your b..

£36.00 £32.40 Ex Tax: £32.40

BB956 Gaming Mat - Brown/City

BB956 Gaming Mat - Brown/CityThis double sided neoprene gaming mat is 6’/180cm x 4’/120cm and comes ..

£70.00 £63.00 Ex Tax: £63.00