Rulebook & Accessories

Rulebook & Accessories

Brandish your cutlass and musket and prepare for swashbuckling adventure on the Spanish Main! Whether you’re marching your pirate army across the Isthmus of Panama as legendary pirate Henry Morgan or terrorizing the Jamaican coasts as the infamous Captain Rivero, Blood and Plunder is a game that is guaranteed to evoke thrills and capture the imagination of miniature gamers. 

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Blood & Plunder Collector's Rulebook

This leatherette-bound Collector's Edition of the rulebook is greatly inspired by seventeenth-centur..

£97.00 £87.30 Ex Tax: £87.30

Blood & Plunder Rulebook

Blood & Plunder Rulebook  features an innovative initiative system with simple and int..

£34.00 £30.60 Ex Tax: £30.60

No Peace Beyond the Line Expansion Book

The No Peace Beyond the Line expansion book contains new information as well as a massive ..

£37.75 £34.00 Ex Tax: £34.00

Marker Dice Set

Marker Dice will start shipping on March 13thThis pack contains a 24 marker set.Conte..

£19.00 £17.10 Ex Tax: £17.10

Light Cannons

6 unpainted and unassembled lead free pewter light cannons...

£7.99 £7.20 Ex Tax: £7.20

Medium Cannons

6 unpainted and unassembled lead free pewter medium cannons...

£12.00 £10.80 Ex Tax: £10.80

Ship Accessories

Unpainted and unassembled lead free pewter ship accessories.Content:2 Anchors1 Lantern1 Tiller..

£4.99 £4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

Swivel Guns

6 unpainted lead free pewter swivel guns...

£3.99 £3.60 Ex Tax: £3.60

Blood and Plunder Unit & Character Cards

131 Cards70 Unit Cards14 Force Cards27 Standard Commander Cards17 Historic Commander Cards3 Legendar..

£19.00 £17.10 Ex Tax: £17.10