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Orc Army

This set contains a great starting force for Kings of War, including:20 Hard Plastic Orc Ax with Com..

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Mantic Games impressive Giant miniature for your tabletop games...

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Orc Fight Wagon Regiment

Orcs often mimic the ideas of the other races when constructing weapons and war machines, but often ..

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Orc Gore Riders

Gores are beasts bred for one purpose – war. Fast, agile and furious to behold, these war-beasts mak..

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Orc Mega Army

Orcs thankfully spend so much time fighting each other that they rarely gather in enough force to tr..

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Orc Morax Troop

Morax do not usually carry the shields favoured by lesser Orc warriors, instead they carry two huge ..

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Orc Skulks

Orcs are a straightforward race who prefer to beat their enemies by facing them with a blade, club o..

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Orc Chariot Regiment

Orc Chariots are as brutal and straightforward as their creators. Crude contraptions which ape the m..

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Orc Flagger

An Orc Warlord will often have his largest bodyguards carry his personal banner into battle to remin..

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Orc Godspeaker

Orcs are elemental and instinctive users of magic, with little of the finesse or nuance of the magic..

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Orc Greatax Regiment

The biggest and most dangerous Orcs band together into regiments of their own, outfitted in the best..

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Orc Trolls

Trolls are large, feral humanoids of dim wits and insatiable appetite – perfect allies for the armie..

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Orc War Drum

The function of the War Drum is two fold. The rumbling, deep note that it produces, shivering the ve..

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Orc Warlord

As far as an Orc is concerned, might is right. He who hits hardest laughs longest, and all of their ..

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