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Elf King

Amongst the ranks of Elven warhosts there are those whose names are spoken with hushed reverence, wh..

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Elf Mega Force

Elves rarely take to the field in great numbers, but when they do their victory is all but assured. ..

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Elf Palace Guard Prince

Palace Guard are the Elven elite and have honed their craft over centuries of war. Equally at home w..

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Elf Silverbreeze Cavalry

Mobile scouts who form outrider units to Elf armies, these peerless horse archers will harass the fl..

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Elf Spearmen Regiment

Spearmen form the backbone of the Elven cohorts, and they are its true strength. Only those of noble..

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Elf Tree Herder

This set contains a towering monster for Kings of War, including:Multi-part Resin Tree HerderGraspin..

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To the Elves of the Eastern Kindreds chariot racing is an art form, and one which they gladly turn t..

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Elf Palace Guard Regiment

The most experienced and skilled Elven warriors are drafted into the Palace Guard, where they swear ..

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