All Blacksmiths are traditional and honourable, but look no further than Anvil to see their pride - the true rock, the immovable object that cannot be broken.

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The Blacksmith's Guild : Forged From Steel

As resilient as the steel he crafts, Anvil stands steadfast as a Master Blacksmith. A veteran of his..

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The Blacksmith's Guild : Master Crafted Arsenal

“Hearth is the heart of her Guild, proud, resilient, and with one of the sharpest minds you’ll ever ..

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The Blacksmith's Guild Dice Pack

“Strike while the irons hot! Measure twice and cut once, no mistakes.”— Anvil, Blacksmith’s GuildIf ..

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The Faithful : New Beginnings

The wise are not fooled by the theatrics of desperate villains and thieves, instead looking to their..

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