Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest is the Classic Dungeon Crawler of Swords and Sorcery. Embark on a fantasy adventure for up to 5 players in the Dungeon Saga board game! With highly detailed game-pieces and learn-as-you-play rules, this set contains everything you need to transform your table-top into a magical world of heroes and monsters.

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Dungeon Saga : The Dwarf Kings Quest

Over a thousand years ago, Valandor, the greatest known hero fell in battle, fighting to protect the..

£59.99 £53.99 Ex Tax: £53.99

Dungeon Saga : Eye of the Abyss

Welcome to The Eye of the Abyss, an expansion box for Mantic Games’ hugely popular Dungeon Saga game..

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

Dungeon Saga : The Adventurers Companion

Like Madriga and her companions, your adventures do not stop with the end of the Dwarf King’s Quest...

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

Dungeon Saga : The Black Fortress

The raid itself had been swift and entirely unexpected. Nobody had seen much from the local Orcs for..

£19.99 £15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Dungeon Saga : The Infernal Crypts

CONTENTSPicking up where the adventures in the Return of Valandor left off, this quest pack contains..

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

Dungeon Saga : The Return of Valandor

Picking up where the adventures in the Dungeon Saga core set left off, this quest pack contains addi..

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

Dungeon Saga : The Warlord of Galahir

BEWARE THE BESTIAL HORDE!This quest pack introduces an all-new storyline, challenging adventures and..

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50


Rise of the Shadow King is a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook in which YOU are the Hero. Set in the f..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

Dungeon Saga : Green Rage Miniature Set

The brutish Orcs get reinforcements in this set which expands your options for Dungeon Saga campaign..

£14.99 £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Dungeon Saga : Heroes of Kickstarter

Every legend begins somewhere.  With Heroes of the Kickstarter it can begin with you.These hero..

£19.99 £15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Dungeon Saga : Legendary Heroes of Galahir

The heroes who emerged from Galahir were said to have gained almost supernatural prowess from their ..

£12.49 £11.25 Ex Tax: £11.25

Dungeon Saga : Legendary Heroes of Halpi

The legend of the heores and events at Halpi continued to grow beyond the mountain range. Their name..

£13.49 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15

Dungeon Saga : Denizens of the Abyss Miniatures Set

CONTENTSBorn of an extra-dimensional realm and the energy of the pure evil which fuels it, creatures..

£14.99 £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Dungeon Saga : Evil Dead Miniatures Set

CONTENTSFoulness lurks in the dark places beneath the world, and only the bravest may face it and li..

£14.99 £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Dungeon Saga : Heroes of Mantica

CONTENTSFour of the most infamous individuals to have taken the adventurers coin in the world of Man..

£19.99 £18.00 Ex Tax: £18.00

Dungeon Saga : Legendary Heroes of Dolgarth

CONTENTSWhen Madriga, Orlaf, Rordin and Danor emerged from the ruins of Dolgarth, they did so as her..

£19.99 £18.00 Ex Tax: £18.00

Dungeon Saga : Legendary Heroes of the Crypts

CONTENTSTwo of the greatest adventurer heroes of modern times come together in this pack:Arianya&nbs..

£13.49 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15


The deep places of Mantica are far from empty. Creatures make their homes there, preying on the weak..

£15.00 £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50

Dungeon Saga : Dungeon Doors

CONTENTSBehind every door might be a grand treasure or a vicious enemy. Often both. With this door s..

£13.49 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15