Assault into Germany FOW V4

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SATURDAY 22nd and SUNDAY 23rd JULY 2017

Assault into Germany! V4 Flames of War Tournament

On the 22/23 of July we're proud to present our first V4 flames tournament for Late War, the theme is 'Assault into Germany' (so books included are Desperate measures, bridge at remagen, Nachtjager, Berlin and associated digital) so find your force that was fighting the Reich in the dying days of the war, whether you're British, American, soviet, French, Finnish, Italian, Romanian etc. (If you are using a minor nation please use their last list e.g finns would be Lapin Sota) Compete for your nation to be the first to Berlin! Or play as the Germans standing firm as your homeland is invaded by foreign forces.

As always we hope to go Red vs Blue, with winners for each side - so if there are any of you who can go either way please let me know.

Otherwise it's 12 players, 1650 points, the draw will be Swiss, and all lists to Adam Cox 10 days before the event (12/7/17).

Anyone who can bring terrain would be appreciated!

Arrive 9am on Saturday and Sunday, finish around 5pm on Sunday