'Malaise in the Falaise' - Bolt Action Weekender

Posted by Peter 16/05/2017 0 Comment(s) Events,

SATURDAY 5th and SUNDAY 6th AUGUST 2017 (9am -5pm both days)

Tickets - £12.50 (12 spaces)

2 Day event consisting of 5 games. First game on the Saturday is a 500pts Tank Wars game.

It will then be followed by two 1000pt games. Sunday will see an escalation in warfare with two 1250pt games.

Each person will need a 500pt Tank Wars legal list and a legal 1000pt list from any of the army books.

For Sunday's games everyone will be using their 1k list plus an additional 250pts (must still be legal though).

Restrictions: No more than two platoons and all theatre, generic and Tank War platoons are valid.

Prize support provided by Entoyment, Warlord Games and Mad Bob Miniatures.