Spirit of Rebellion - Star Wars Destiny Tournament

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SATURDAY 20th MAY 2017 (11.00am - 5.00pm)

Tickets - £3.00

24 places available for this event.

Star Wars Destiny tournament in store. Event will be random draw based for 3 rounds and then the last two rounds will be Swiss System. 35 mins per round, we will break for lunch.

DECK BUILDING - Each player must build one team of characters and a deck to use in a tournament. A team of characters must include at least one character and cannot exceed 30 points, though it may contain fewer than 30 points. A player may choose to field heroes or villains, but cannot have both on his or her team. Each deck must contain exactly 30 cards. Each player must also select exactly one battlefield. Players must use the same team, deck, and battlefield for the duration of the tournament.

Prize support will be the Star Wars Destiny Tournament Kit.

Each player will receive a Electroshock alt art card

The top three players will receive a Jango Fett alt art card

The top two players will receive a set of tokens.

The winner will also receive 5 Spirit of Rebellion boosters.