Flames of War Late War V4 @Beachhead 2018

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Flames of War Late War V4 at Beachhead 2018

Bournemouth Beachead 2018 and Entoyment are pround to announce a late addition to the one day tournaments held at at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) on the 17th of February 2018!

Entry cost is £10 and includes your entry into the show and trading hall! (Bring your ticket or proof of purchase email to the event to ensure you have entry to the halls)

We will play three 2.5 hour games of Version 4, Late War, Flames of War at 1,650 points! Army lists must be emailed to James.mcmeiken@gmail.com by Wednesday 14/02/2018 and should be in Forces of War format where possible with multiple companies submitted separately when required. If it is not possible to submit the list on Forces of War a spreadsheet or word document can be submitted that clearly shows all points spent, upgrades and V4 discounts Any list is allowed as long is legal within the rules, it has been published by Battlefront in a book or PDF or is on Forces of War by the date of list submission! Scoring method will be as per the Flames of War V4 and platoons destroyed will act as a tie break stat.

There will be prizes suplied by Entoyment Store and Battlefront in the form of (Voucher/boxes) for first and second place, best painted and best sport!

Date 17/02/2017

08.00 Set up tables

08.45 player briefing

09.00 game one start

11.30 end of game one

Lunch Break for food and event browsing

12.30 game two start

15.00 game two end

15.15 game three start

17.45 game end

17.55 prize giving and pack up

(If every one is ready before 8.45 we will start earlier to either have a longer lunch for shopping or to finish a little earlier and have more time to pack up. In order to run the event we will need some help with tables and scenery, could you let James.mcmeiken@gmail.com know if you can supply a table and scenery for the day?!

Food is available for purchase at the event and there are places close to the BIC within a short walk if you'd like to range further for food. The event is also within a short walk of the Pier, Oceanarium, the town centre and Cinema as well as lots of hotels if attendees want to make a weekend of it and or bring families!