Raid on Saleucami, Star Wars X-wing Tournament @Beachhead 2018

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Raid on Saleucami, Star Wars X-wing Tournament - Beachhead 2018 Saturday 17th February.

Saleucami. The grave of Jedi Master Stass Allie. Betrayed by Order 66.

Saleucami. The site of several key engagements during the Clone Wars.


On Saturday 17th of February we invite to take part in a dau of gaming with a convention as your background.

This ever popular X-Wing event is in its third year and continues to grow.


What you will need to bring:

A legal 100pts List.
Dice , measuring tools and gaming paraphernalia required for 4 games of X-Wing.

Check in for the event will begin at 0900hrs with the final awards ceremony at 1800hrs.
Your £10 ticket includes entry to the convention. Remember to bring your ticket on the day as proof of entry.

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