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Club Nights

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Entoyment Club Nights are an opportunity for you to meet fellow gamers and experience new gaming systems as well as events and tournaments.
The shop closes for trading at 6pm and the club night then gets into full swing. Gamers are allowed to set up tables from 5.30pm in preparation. 

Table Bookings

Tables for games can be booked by contacting us on Facebook, calling the store on 01202 929449 or email us at
Weekly Games Lineup

Monday - Kids Club (6pm-8pm)

At kids club we play a variety of wargames and board games and work to introduce them to this great hobby through coaching and playtesting.
Ages 7-16 welcome at Club night. Cost is £2.50 per head. Under 13's must be supervised please.

Tuesday - Poole Gaming Society (7pm-10pm)

Club Night at Entoyment for Members of Poole Gaming Society. Cost is £2.50 per head. 
Non-members are welcome at a cost of £3.00 per head. 
You can join the Society and can find them on Facebook.

Wednesday - Roleplay Night

There are a couple of roleplay groups who run out of the store. Cost per night is £1 per head. Existing groups play D&D, Star Wars, 7th Age, Pathfinder, Cthulu, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and many more. New groups welcome.

Thursday  - Entoyment Club Night

(Beginners & Veterans welcome) (6pm-10pm) Cost is £2.50 per head
Popular games include :
40k, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Flames of War, Saga, Blood Bowl, Warmachine, Dead Man's Hand, Malifaux, Battlegroup, Star Wars Destiny, Guildball, Black Powder, Infinity, X-wing, Star Wars Armada and many more.

Friday - Late Night Opening

Play is free on Friday Nights. Friday night is Boardgames night. Bring down a game or shop late after work. 
Tables are available for booking both on the shopfloor and out back.
Book tables early to avoid disappointment