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You and your friends are cast into the events set after the Rebel Alliance victory of the destruction of the Death Star above Yavin 4. This game is great value for money as it is two games in one, a campaign game and a skirmish game.

A game for 5 players that pits 4 of you against the Imperial Galactic Empire where you get to play alongside some of the iconic heroes and villians such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywaker and Han solo. Choose the Rebels and use your cunning to battle the Imperial forces as you progress through the campaign, gaining new skills and purchasing new weapons and gear to help you survive and complete your mission. Choose the Imperial Galactic Empire and command your limitless forces to crush and destroy the Rebel scum using Stormtroopers, Imperial officers, AT-ST walkers, mercenaries and iconic villains such as IG-88 and Darth Vader. Play your missions in a range of environments like the dusty wastes on Tatooine or the jungles of Yavin 4.

Go head to head in a skirmish game where you battle a friend in one of the six 2 player skirmish missions included in the core game. You and a friend build decks of command cards that will give you that unexpected edge in the battle to come. Fight to control, destroy or escort various objectives as you decide who is the better team, Rebels or the Imperials. 

Also included in the core set is the first of the expansion packs that will expand and support your games of Imperial Assault. Each pack includes a plastic figure, additional side campaign mission's and 2 new skirmish missions. Packs included are the Luke Skywalker ally pack and the Darth Vader villain pack.


A learn to play rulebook, a rules reference, a campaign guide, and a skirmish guide

34 detailed plastic figures

59 double-sided map tiles

Eleven custom dice

Over 250 cards

Over 150 assorted tokens

The Luke Skywalker Ally Pack

The Darth Vader Villain Pack

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