Forged in desperation, united by adversity and resurgent in power, the UCM exists for a single purpose - to wrest mankind's lost strongholds from the clutches of the Scourge. A collection of diverse and remote frontier worlds, the UCM is a restless cultural melting pot, bubbling with a righteous desire for vengeance.

One and a half centuries after the Scourge captured Earth and the Cradle Worlds, the UCM has expanded beyond all recognition. The greatest military force in the history of humanity has been assembled; a vast armada recently unleashed against enemies old and new.

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Albatross Heavy Dropship

The Albatross is the primary mass orbital insertion craft of the UCM. It has been designed solely to..

£19.50 £17.55 Ex Tax: £17.55

Condor Medium Dropship

A lighter, faster cousin to the Albatross, the Condor is typically employed for spearhead operations..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

Raven Type A Light Dropship

The Raven is a high speed light transport, able to conduct operations far ahead of the main force. I..

£10.50 £9.45 Ex Tax: £9.45

Bear APC's

The eight-wheeled Bear armoured personnel carrier is the premier transport for UCM mechanised infant..

£10.50 £9.45 Ex Tax: £9.45

Gladius Heavy Battle Tanks

The Gladius heavy battle tank is the armoured fist of the UCM, a large, resilient vehicle capable of..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

Katana Light Tank

The Katana is built upon a lighter, nimbler version of the more common Sabre-type chassis. In a furt..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

Longbow Howitzers

The Longbow is a one-man crewed, multi-role artillery unit, built around a rotating self-loading amm..

£9.50 £8.55 Ex Tax: £8.55

Rapier AA Tanks

The Rapier utilises the Sabre-type hull to mount a fearsome UM-28 'Vindicator' Gatling cannon on a s..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

Sabre Main Battle Tanks

The Sabre is the primary main battle tank of the UCM, and forms the core of its armoured spearhead. ..

£10.00 £9.00 Ex Tax: £9.00

Scimitar Tank Destroyers

The Scimitar is a new heavy tank design currently undergoing its first combat trials. It is equipped..

£10.00 £9.00 Ex Tax: £9.00

UCM Fireblade Light Tanks

The Fireblade is based on the same chassis as the Katana and features the same increased speed as it..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

UCM Starter Army

An excellent way to start your UCM army! This boxed set contains nothing but essential units, all of..

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50