The Shaltari are an ancient and highly developed species. Their technology is advanced to a level of sophistication rivalled only by its potency. They have traversed the stars for millennia, learned myriad truths, and have fought countless wars. Through their knowledge, the Shaltari transcend even death itself, and can endure indefinitely, perceiving the ebb and flow of time like no other race.

In battle, the Shaltari are fearsome adversaries. Their swiftness is unmatched, their firepower unequalled, their bravery undeniable. The beauty of their constructs bellies their true nature; engines of death, honed to lethal perfection long before humanity learned to throw stones. They are peerless masters of technology.

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Eden Medium Gate

The elegant Eden is the mainstay of Shaltari orbit-ground troop insertion. Unlike the primitive drop..

£10.50 £9.45 Ex Tax: £9.45


The Firedrake is a large and lethal gunship which carries the exotic Spatial Disruption Cannon as it..

£14.50 £13.05 Ex Tax: £13.05

Spirit Light Gate

The elegant Eden is the mainstay of Shaltari orbit-ground troop insertion. Unlike the primitive drop..

£10.50 £9.45 Ex Tax: £9.45

Warspear Heavy Fighter

The Warspear is a formidably equiped, multi-role heavy fighter. Its primary armament is a pair of he..

£8.00 £7.20 Ex Tax: £7.20

Birdeater Battle Strider

The Birdeater is an anti-air variant of the Tarantula, armed with the familiar and lethal twin ion-c..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

Coyote Warstrider

The Coyote is the premier mount for Shaltari Warchiefs, officers and heroes. Sharing many characteri..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

Gharial Command Grav Tank

Speed and power have always been the watchwords of the Shaltari tribes. The Gharial embraces both id..

£12.00 £10.80 Ex Tax: £10.80

Jaguar Warstrider

The Jaguar is perhaps the most iconic, and certainly the most distinctive of all Shaltari vehicles. ..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

Ronin DZC- 23023

Ronin are the frontline assault troops of the Shaltari. Their primary role is to strike first and fr..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90


Samurai live for the joy of battle, eschewing larger walker or more nimble skimmer vehicles to strid..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

Tarantula Battle Strider

The Tarantula is a smaller, more agile version of the towering Warstriders. Its primary armament is ..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

Tomahawk Main Grav-Tanks

The Tomahawk is the mainstay of the Shaltari frontline and their closest equivalent to a battle tank..

£10.50 £9.45 Ex Tax: £9.45

Totem Warspire

The Totem is a particularly unusual unit, even for the Shaltari! It has a crew of one Shaltari, who ..

£10.50 £9.45 Ex Tax: £9.45

Warchief Isis, the Clairvoyant

Warchief Isis has only recently entered the awareness of the UCM military high command. She had been..

£13.50 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15