The Resistance is a complex, characterful and disparate assortment of human survivors on the Cradle Worlds and Earth itself, currently occupied by the dreaded alien Scourge. The very existence of the Resistance has shaped UCM military planning for its Reconquest, which became a war of liberation rather than simply a war of revenge as soon as they were discovered. Indeed, the Resistance alone are responsible for a reconquest being possible at all, as they were able to activate and maintain foldspace nodes on all but one of the Cradle Worlds, allowing UCM invasion fleets to jump to their locations accurately. Theirs is a tale of loss, grit and determination to survive in the face of insurmountable odds.

We have already seen how the Resistance on Eden Prime evolved from a cowering group of shell-shocked survivors into a viable (if fragmented) fighting force. The example of Eden Prime can be considered as a general model for the progression of Resistance societies across all the Cradle Worlds and Earth itself. However, the most noticeable aspect that separates the Resistance from all other combatants is their diversity. 

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AH-16 Cyclone

The AH-16 Cyclone is a dedicated attack helicopter, designed solely for dealing swift annihilation t..

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Barrel Bomber

The Barrel Bomber is known by many monikers; Monkey’s Revenge, Flying Bulldozer, The Elephant, Jelly..

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Battle Bus

Resistance use of improvised civilian vehicles also extends to the role of troop transport. The stan..

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Gunnar of Elysiaum

Gunnarr gained the moniker 'The Ferryman' by age 19, simply because he had already (and personally) ..

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J19 Hellhog

The J19 Hellhog is a truly dangerous heavy strike jumpjet, designed primarily for the ground attack ..

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Karl Foley - Prince of Troy

Karl Foley is possibly the most famous Resistance fighter on all of Eden Prime and certainly the UCM..

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NT-1 Kraken

The NT-1 Kraken was one of the most common military surface assault transports in use before the Sco..

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Breaching Drill

Most battlefields on the Cradle Worlds are urban in nature, often with an intricate maze of tunnels ..

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Gun Technicals

After almost two centuries of occupation, the Resistance have become highly adept at repairing, modi..

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Gun Wagon

Gun wagons are usually armed with conventional rapid fire cannons mounted for the anti-air role whic..

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Jessie Adams, Guide of the Damned

Jessie Adams is a somewhat unorthodox figure for a military leader. Diminutive in stature and approa..

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M20 Zhukov

The M20 Zhukov is based on the M9 Hannibal hull and shares its renowned resilience as well as its we..

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M3 Alexander

Few would contest the legend of this vehicle’s namesake, while even less would doubt that this is on..

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Rocket Technicals

After almost two centuries of occupation, the Resistance have become highly adept at repairing, modi..

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Salakhan Tyrant of Atlantia

Salakahn is a ruthless, merciless despot, currently master of the majority of Atlantia city's Resist..

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Berserkers are a ragtag collection of the most crazed, psychotic, homicidal maniacs present in the a..

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Freeriders form the backbone of almost any Resistance recon patrol and utilise extremely fast bikes ..

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