New Releases

New Releases

All products in this category are from all different manufacturers and have come straight from the pre-orders section of the site in the last couple of weeks. This means that if your looking for that brand new 40k set or even fresh new rules set, this is the place to be.

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Dracula's America

Dracula's America: Shadows of the West.It is 1875, and Count Dracula is President of the United Stat..

£19.99 £18.00 Ex Tax: £18.00

Latari Elves Army Expansion

The Latari Elves Army Expansion ushers in a brand-new faction to the world of the Run..

£55.00 £49.50 Ex Tax: £49.50

Star Wars Destiny Two Player Game

Take control of your favorite Star Wars™ characters and decide the fate of the galaxy! Upg..

£29.99 £27.00 Ex Tax: £27.00

USAB08 Patton’s Fighting First

USAB08 Patton’s Fighting FirstContains five Shermans, three Stuarts, two M10s and a mini Rulebook..

£54.50 £49.05 Ex Tax: £49.05

Wargames Illustrated 360

THEME: You say you want a RevolutionMitch Reed takes a look at the opportunities for tabletop gaming..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.95

White Dwarf September 2017

For 30 years, the grim darkness of the far future has captivated gamers, painters, modellers and oth..

£5.99 £5.40 Ex Tax: £5.40

15mm Stuart I Honey

PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY 15MM WW2 STUART HONEY TankEach sprue contains British and US tank commander ..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £19.95


The Comet in many ways was an up-rated Cromwell, retaining its low silhouette and improving on both ..

£26.00 £23.40 Ex Tax: £23.40

Aggressive Negotiations - Force Pack

"Droids aren't meant to do many things, sir. I rarely let that stop me."     –Tr..

£14.99 £13.50 Ex Tax: £13.50


Every unit and warscroll battalion in Warhammer Age of Sigmar owes allegiance to one of the four Gra..

£45.00 £40.50 Ex Tax: £40.50


Amina is a lawyer in Ridley who protects M&SU interests. Unlike many other practitioners of the ..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

Arkham Horror: The Path to Carcosa

A new theater production is coming to Arkham all the way from Paris. Unsurprisingly, it's been all t..

£27.99 £25.20 Ex Tax: £25.20


The perfect set of dice for your games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 20 dice is split into 4 colo..

£10.00 £9.00 Ex Tax: £9.00