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AC004 P-40 Warhawk Flight

AC004 P-40 Warhawk Flight (1:144)Includes one 1:144 Scale Aircraft, an aircraft dice, decal sheet an..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

AC007 P-47 Thunderbolt

AC007 P-47 Thunderbolt (1:144)Includes one 1:144 Scale Aircraft, an aircraft dice, decal sheet and f..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

AC011 P-38 Lightning

AC011 P-38 Lightning (1:144)Contains one P-47 Thunderbolt model, one aircraft dice, one flight stand..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

AC016 F4U Corsair

F4U Corsair (AC016)Includes one 1:144 scale resin and metal F4U Corsair fighter-bomber aircraft..

£11.49 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

OFBX06 M3 Halftracks US Flames of War

M3 Halftracks (OFBX06)Armed with .30 cal and .50 cal machine-guns, these armoured vehicles coul..

£11.00 £5.50 Ex Tax: £5.50

UBX07 Field Artillery Battery US Flames of War

Field Artillery Battery (UBX07)with 4 guns with crew and scenic bases, 1 Observer team, 1 Staff..

£43.49 £39.14 Ex Tax: £39.14

UBX08 LCVP Boat Section US Flames of War

LCVP Boat Section (UBX08)with three Landing Craft with crew, three Mounted 24-man Boat Sections..

£37.49 £33.74 Ex Tax: £33.74

UBX09 29th Infantry Division US Flames of War

29th Infantry Division Assault Company (UBX09)includes Brigadier General Norman 'Dutch' Cota, o..

£44.99 £40.50 Ex Tax: £40.50

UBX10 M18 Tank Destroyer Platoon US Flames of War

UBX10 M18 Tank Destroyer PlatoonArmed with a 76mm gun, the Hellcat works with the American Gi's to k..

£29.99 £27.00 Ex Tax: £27.00

UBX12 Armoured Artillery Battery US Flames of War

UBX12 Armored Artillery BatteryIncludes three individually sculpted M7 Priest HMC with crew, one Obs..

£32.99 £29.70 Ex Tax: £29.70

UBX21 M5A1 Stuart Light Tank Platoon US Flames of War

UBX21 M5A1 Stuart Light Tank PlatoonContaining five individually sculpted M5A1 Stuart tanks, this se..

£32.99 £29.70 Ex Tax: £29.70

UBX23 Fire Direction Center US Flames of War

UBX23 Fire Direction CenterAdding the Fire Direction Centre to your force allows you to make use of ..

£14.50 £13.05 Ex Tax: £13.05

UBX26 M4A3E8 Easy Eight US Flames of War

UBX26 M4A3E8 Easy EightIncludes five M4A3E8 Easy Eight tanks, one Tank Commander sprue, two Tank Sto..

£37.49 £33.74 Ex Tax: £33.74

UBX33 M24 Chaffee Platoon US Flames of War

UBX33 M24 Chaffee PlatoonLight Tank, M24 - M24 Chaffee light tanks became the ultimate US light tank..

£32.99 £29.70 Ex Tax: £29.70

UBX39 T27 Xylophone Rocket Launcher Battery US Army fow

T27 Xylophone Rocket Launcher Battery (UBX39)includes two one-piece resin T27 Xylophone Rocket ..

£17.49 £15.74 Ex Tax: £15.74

UBX41 Armoured Rifle Platoon US Flames of War

Armored Rifle Platoon (UBX41)includes five plastic M3 Half-tracks sprues, five plastic Crew spr..

£34.99 £31.50 Ex Tax: £31.50

UBX42 Rifle Company (Plastic) US Flames of War

Rifle Company (UBX42)includes two plastic Command sprues, six plastic Infantry sprues, five Sma..

£31.99 £28.80 Ex Tax: £28.80

UBX43 Pershing Platoon (plastic) US Flames of War

M26 Pershing Platoon (UBX43)includes three Plastic M26 Pershing Heavy Tank sprues (with T26E4 S..

£17.99 £16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20

UBX44 M4A3 (late) Sherman Platoon US Flames of War

M4A3 (late) Platoon (UBX44)includes five plastic M4A3 (late) sprues (with 75mm turret / gun opt..

£25.99 £23.40 Ex Tax: £23.40

UBX47 Marine Rocket Launcher Battery US Flames of War

Marine Rocket Launcher Battery (UBX47)Includes three 4.5in Mk7 rocket launchers, one Command Te..

£23.00 £20.70 Ex Tax: £20.70