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AC002 JU87 Stuka Aircraft

AC002 JU87 Stuka (1:144)Includes one 1:144 Scale Aircraft, an aircraft dice, decal sheet and flying ..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

AC006 HS 129

AC006 HS 129 (1:144)Includes one 1:144 Scale Aircraft, an aircraft dice, decal sheet and flying stan..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

AC010 FW190 F8

AC010 FW190 F8 (1:144)Includes one Focke-Wulf 190 F8 (1:144 scale), one Flight stand, one Aircraft d..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

AC015 Arado 234 B

AC015 Arado 234 BIncludes one Arado 234 B aircraft, one Flight stand, one Aircraft dice, two Rare-ea..

£11.50 £10.35 Ex Tax: £10.35

GBX13 10.5cm Artillery Battery German FOW

GBX13 Artillery BatteryThe 10.5cm leFH18 provided fire-support for all branches of the German milita..

£43.49 £39.15 Ex Tax: £39.15

GBX14 Königstiger (King Tiger) German FOW

GBX14 Königstiger (King Tiger)Contains one Königstiger with both Porsche and Henschel turrets...

£14.50 £13.05 Ex Tax: £13.05

GBX15 Tiger I E Platoon German FOW

GBX15 Tiger I E PlatoonThe Tigers Marsch box set is based on the 101st SS Heavy Tank Battalion. Arme..

£42.49 £38.25 Ex Tax: £38.25

GBX16 Michael Wittmann German FOW

GBX16 Michael WittmannArguably the greatest tank ace in history, Wittmann is most famous for his dri..

£13.50 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15

GBX20 Heavy Artillery Battery German FOW

GBX20 Heavy Artillery BatteryThe 15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 or sFH18 (German: "heavy field howitze..

£43.49 £39.15 Ex Tax: £39.15

GBX21 Ernst Barkmann German FOW

GBX21 Ernst BarkmannRenowned for his actions in Normandy while commanding a Panther tank, Barkmann c..

£14.50 £13.05 Ex Tax: £13.05

GBX22 Jagdpanther German FOW

GBX22 JagdpantherThis awesome tank hunter was equipped with the deadly 8.8 PaK43 gun, able to destro..

£14.50 £13.05 Ex Tax: £13.05

GBX34 Fallschirmjager Company German FOW

GBX34 Fallschirmjager CompanyFrom the rocky peaks of Cassino to the lush fields around Arnheim, the ..

£32.99 £29.70 Ex Tax: £29.70

GBX37 Panzer IV L/70 (V) German FOW

PANZER IV L/70 (V) PLATOON BY BATTLEFRONT MINIATURESincludes five Panzer IV L/70 (V) Tank Destr..

£37.50 £33.75 Ex Tax: £33.75