"Who’d have thought a bit of brass and some solid oak could do so many things?"
-Flint, Vice-Captain, Masons Guild

The Engineers play style is one of accuracy and controlling space. They utilise all manner of gadgets, devices and traps to influence the flow and direction of the game. From a distance, the Engineers players move as one giant machine, perfectly in sync with each other...

Resilient in combat, accurate with the ball, the Engineers have a solid play style. Whilst not as mobile as some teams, they are able to move the ball great distances and accurately too. They excel in the mid-game, once all the pieces are in place they can control the pitch while pinging the ball around their opponent.

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The Engineer's Guild : Precision Made

“She’ll never stop, not until she has transformed the world. I have seen her ruthlessness in the pro..

£50.00 £45.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

The Engineer's Guild : The Instruments of War

Warning, not a toy! Not for use by children under three years old. Miniatures supplied unassembled a..

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Engineer's Guild Starter Set

Engineer Starter Set (Ballista, Salvo, Velocity) Product DescriptionThis set provides you with all y..

£21.95 £16.46 Ex Tax: £16.46


Most teams hire their muscle. The Engineer’s Guild chose to create theirs. Colossus is a true Jugger..

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Mainspring Product DescriptionMainspring remain one of the Engineer’s Guild’s most closely guarded s..

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Ratchet Product DescriptionConsidered somewhat of a maverick by other members of the guild, Ratchet ..

£8.95 £6.71 Ex Tax: £6.71

Engineer's Dice x 10

Engineer's Dice x10 Product DescriptionProudly display your loyalties to your Guild with our stunnin..

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