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Brotherhood Starter Set

Nobody knows who leads the Brotherhood and how they organize themselves. They live in a world of dar..

£22.00 £19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80

Brotherhood Starter Set

The Brotherhood are the main line of defence against the never ending tide of the Dark Legion. Can t..

£37.49 £33.75 Ex Tax: £33.75

A Game of Thrones Catan : Brotherhood of the Watch

The Brothers of the Night’s Watch recognize you as a natural leader as you struggle for promotion wi..

£79.99 £72.00 Ex Tax: £72.00

ASS 001 Apagado

Life – what is it really? Transience, nothing but transience. The rain is drumming a mournfully sini..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

ASS 002 Trucco

Darkness surrounds me like a cloak. A star replaces my world, the pale light drawing me in like a mo..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

ASS 003 Bonaccia

“I am the shadow which brings the light. The lightbringer. Yes, that’s me. Sometimes it takes a wolf..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

ASS 004 Romerto

Romerto is unpredictable and almost impossible to rein back. But that suits the Brotherhood just fin..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

ASS 005 Master Assassin

He cast his eye over the rest of his troupe. They all wore the typical masks of the Brotherhood, the..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

ASS 006 Bella Cigna

She used to have lofty ideals such as glory, justice and wealth for all. She has abandoned them in h..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

ASS 007 Coscritti & Harlequin

“Oh look, the nice harlequins are performing in the street. What colourful costumes. No, sorry, we d..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

ASS 008 Queen of Shadows

No doubt about it, she has sacrificed herself for her goals, she is doomed. She leaves the ball..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

ASS 009 Fith'Aarch the Spider

Ah, poison. Lovely, shiny, bubbly, deadly poison. You can touch it, you can swallow it, you can inje..

£8.00 £7.20 Ex Tax: £7.20

ASS 010 Miedo a Morir

I’ll tell ya a tale to chill your blood and make your bones turn to ice. For I saw Miedo a Morir and..

£11.00 £9.90 Ex Tax: £9.90

ASS 011 Battitore & Coscritti

“It’s us Battitores wot do all the hard work, know what I mean? I mean, look at it: someone needs ro..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10

ASS 012 Dottore

He was tired of living with the pain, tired of waking up to it and tired of fighting it for sleep at..

£9.00 £8.10 Ex Tax: £8.10