Scenery and Bases

Scenery and Bases

Everything you need to bring you an exciting and authentic battlefield, ranging from burnt out buildings to Rocks, Rubble and Ruins, Battlefield in a box has everything you need to make your table top come to life.

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BB115 Ruined Monastery

Italian Monastery (BB115)with one Ruined Chapel, one Ruined Monastery Entrance and Bell Tower &..

£23.00 £20.70 Ex Tax: £20.70

BB116 Vineyards (Italy - 2x Fields, 8x Vines)

Italian Vineyards (BB116)with eight vineyard rows, two vineyard fields and one packet of Green ..

£17.50 £15.75 Ex Tax: £15.75

BB120 Sandbags - Gun Pit Markers Scenery

Gun Pits Sandbags (BB120)The Gun Pits Sandbags box set contains 2 sets of tabletop-re..

£11.99 £10.80 Ex Tax: £10.80

BB121 Anti-Tank Bunkers (x2) Scenery

Anti-tank Pillboxes (BB121)with two pre-painted Anti-tank Pillboxes.Built from reinforced concr..

£22.99 £20.70 Ex Tax: £20.70

BB124 Desert Fort Ruins Scenery

Desert Fort Ruins (BB124)with two pre-painted Long Ruined Wall Sections, two pre-painted Short ..

£30.00 £27.00 Ex Tax: £27.00

BB130 Obstacles Scenery

Obstacles (BB130)includes three Pre-painted Minefields, one Pre-painted Anti-tank obstacle &..

£21.99 £19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80

BB131 Trench lines Scenery

Trench Lines (BB131)includes 32"/80cm of Pre-painted Trenchlines & two packets of GF9 Stati..

£13.50 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15

BB132 Barbed Wire Scenery

Barbed Wire (BB132)includes four Pre-painted Barbed Wire Obstacles & two packets of GF9 Sta..

£21.99 £19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80

BB133 Desert Buildings Scenery

Desert Buildings (BB133)includes one pre-painted Long Desert Building with removable roof, one ..

£17.99 £16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20

BB135 Train Tracks

BB135 Train TracksIncludes eight pre-painted Straight 12”/30cm train track sections, one packet of G..

£26.00 £23.40 Ex Tax: £23.40

BB136 Train Station

Train Station (BB136)includes one pre-painted Train Station.Train tracks need so..

£22.00 £19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80

BB137 Rural Farm Buildings

Rural Farm Buildings (BB137)includes two Pre-painted farm buildings...

£18.00 £16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20

BB138 Rural Fields and Fences

Rural Fields and Fences (BB138)includes two pre-painted fields & 24"/60cm of fences..

£15.99 £14.40 Ex Tax: £14.40

BB141 Cobblestone Roads

Cobblestone Roads (BB141)contains Eight Pre-painted Cobblestone Roads sections...

£29.00 £26.10 Ex Tax: £26.10

BB146 Frozen Ponds

Battlefield in a Box:Frozen Ponds (BB146)Christmas can be a time to celebrate good friends and famil..

£20.00 £18.00 Ex Tax: £18.00

BB147 Snowdrifts

Battlefield in a Box:Snowdrifts (BB147)Christmas can be a time to celebrate good friends and fa..

£17.99 £16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20

BB148 Log Emplacement Dug-in Markers: Winter

Log Emplacement Dug-in Markers:Winter (BB148)Box Contains:8 tabletop-ready Dug-In Markers and one pa..

£11.99 £10.80 Ex Tax: £10.80

BB164 Hedgerows

Hedgerows (BB164)includes 36”/90cm of Hedgerows..

£17.99 £16.20 Ex Tax: £16.20

BB168 Village Walls

Village Walls (BB168)contains 29" / 70cm of pre-painted Village Walls & one Fountain...

£13.49 £12.15 Ex Tax: £12.15

BB169 Vietnamese Huts

Vietnamese Huts (BB169)includes two pre-painted Vietnamese huts with seperate roofs. Built..

£21.99 £19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80